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The whole anime concept was a complete success; but there were concerns about the marketability of traditional 2D animation and the difficulty in animating Ladybug’s costume of red with black spots, as it caused some strobing effects. In the summer of June 2012, Toei Animation Co., Ltd., the famous Japanese animation studio branch owned & operated by Toei Company, Ltd. in Japan, was announced as a co-producer. Two years before 2012, Toei Animation had released a PreCure film that was set in Paris, France and was very interested in expanding their international audience. Even after the production moved to CGI animation, Toei still remained co-producer, with the executive producers from the company being credited. In 2010, the show was announced at Cannes’ MIPCOM with French production groups Univergroup Pictures and Onyx Films heading the project and working with Method Animation and Zagtoon.

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  • Though defeated again, Hawk Moth proclaims the heroes will soon be “outnumbered”.
  • If that’s not enough, Marinette’s best friend is a popular blogger, she babysits the child of a famous newscaster, and she’s even the granddaughter of the world’s most famous chef.

The most obvious clue for this episode’s placement is the fact that Nino likes Marinette. Any episode where Nino and Alya are shown to be a couple must then take place after this one. At the end, Nino actually offers to talk to Adrien for Marinette to try and help her out, which could be a reference to “Jackady,” where he invites them both to the TV station to watch him perform. However, what takes the cake as the weirdest piece of evidence to use during this process is the fact that in “Animan,” we see Chat sniff Ladybug.

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This is the only episode in which an akumatized villain is not driven by Hawk Moth. 1 February Marinette and her friends hang out at the Couffaine residence to listen to them play. Suddenly, they are attacked by Vivica, who has been akumatized into “Desperada”, a day of the dead themed supervillain who can capture victims in her guitar case with her magic trumpet.

Apart from this, there are other options that can lead to him revealing the identity. The second option can be that Adrien finds his poem at Marinette’s place and relate the poem with Marinette. The last option can be if Marinette transforms herself in presence of Adrien. Alternatively, when the two are trapped in a cage and there is no one to help them out, Adrien might transform himself into Cat Noir and Marinette will find out that Adrien is actually Cat Noir. Marinette can also see Cat Noir with the bracelet she gave him in the Gamer episode and then realize that it is him. In season 3 of The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, we see that Marinette and Adrien become a couple for a short stint.

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She spends 90% of her time obsessing (and I mean obsessing – to a manic degree) about a boy. This obsession supersedes a her superhero duty and practically any other aspect of her life. The producers of this show have cynically jumped on the progressive hook of a superhero girl, but given her the worst of 1950s screaming-schoolgirl-with-a-crush submissiveness. “Take a resistant reader and introduceacceptable graphic novels and viola! My daughter loves this series and now isexcited to read the next. Excited to read being the key element here.”