Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It’s okay to Phone Ivanka ‘A bit of Ass’

Donald Trump to <a href="">beautifulpeople profile examples</a> Howard Stern: It’s okay to Phone Ivanka ‘A bit of Ass’

Sound areas featuring Trump and shock-jock engaging in crude and demeaning chatter about ladies more than a 17-year duration

A 2006 meeting between Donald Trump and surprise jock Howard Stern speaking about the sexuality of Trump’s oldest child Ivanka surfaced online Saturday.

Be warned, it is pretty creepy.

TRUMP: “My child is breathtaking, Ivanka.”

STERN: “By the real means, your child.”

TRUMP: “She’s beautiful.”

STERN: “Can we say this? An item of ass.”

After Stern asked become introduced to Ivanka, the Republican nominee joked, “You would be the final individual I would personally introduce her to.”

There’s more. An assessment by CNN’s KFile uncovered hours of newly uncovered sound featuring Trump doing crude and demeaning conversations about females over a 17-year-period with radio shock-jock Howard Stern.

Besides Trump speaking about their daughter Ivanka’s body, other subjects consist of: looking into of a relationship with ladies once they turn 35, threesomes and making love with females on the menstrual rounds.

In stern, Trump to his interviews talked about making females after a specific age and dating more youthful females, calling 30 “a perfect age.”

“What will it be at 35? It’s called check-out time,” Trump stated.

Trump easily mentioned their sex-life, and whether he will have intercourse with a female who had been menstruating.

STERN: “Donald, really, you’d maybe not, right, am I correct?”

TRUMP: “Well, I’ve been there. I’ve been here Howard, even as we all have actually.”

STERN: “You don’t like it?”

TRUMP: “Well, often you can get there in error.”

In a 2008 meeting, whenever co-host Artie Lang asked Trump if he ever endured a threesome — explaining numerous ladies together weighing 300 pounds — Trump responded into the affirmative. Continue reading “Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It’s okay to Phone Ivanka ‘A bit of Ass’”