Subdivision of Lands Abutting State Highways

Subdivision of Lands Abutting State Highways

In accordance with 19 V.S.A. area 1111(k), “no deed purporting to subdivide land abutting state highway or a course 1 city highway could be recorded unless all of the abutting lots therefore developed have been in accord aided by the criteria of the area, including yet not restricted to the necessity to supply a frontage road or roadways.”

People wanting to subdivide land state that is abutting course 1 city highways (Vermont Route 100 or 17) must first submit a part 1111 form (see website website website link below) and acquire approval from VTrans.

Preparing & Zoning Administrator


Waitsfield Town Workplace 4144 Main Street Waitsfield, VT 05673

ZBA Rules of Procedure

Liquid & Sewer Task Force

Post-Bond Vote Task Force

A new task force of community members was convened by the Waitsfield Selectboard in an attempt to understand what direction — if any — the town should take following the negative votes on both the water and wastewater bond articles on Town Meeting Day 2008 in April 2008, following two post-bond vote public forums to solicit feedback and prospective members.

The duty Force sorted through community input collected at two forums that are public along with emails and letters delivered to Task Force people or perhaps the city. The job Force held three conferences using the intent behind:

  1. Assembling and wanting to realize community input,
  2. Talking about just exactly what way the general public input suggested for the city; and
  3. Developing a suggestion for the choose Board on which course of action.

Furthermore, the duty Force took under consideration:

  1. Consideration of general general public safety and health needs identified during research and engineering work undertaken since 1998;
  2. Give money currently available to your city for areas of the proposed work; and
  3. Town Arrange (adopted in 2005).

According to a few of these facets, the duty Force made the suggestion into the Selectboard on April 28, 2008 that town realize just a general public water task at this time around when it comes to purposes of safe general general general public drinking tap water and fire security. Continue reading “Subdivision of Lands Abutting State Highways”